Who am I?

A highly talented and accomplished, results-driven Design Professional with over nine years of experience in industrial design. I specialize in innovation processes, creating consumer goods including structural packaging and electronic systems for local and international organisations

My accomplishments in my career to date are in product design, product and concept development,product creation and innovation, and project planning. i am highly regarded for my expertise translating design trends into on-brand product solutions that effectively communicate the parent company's vision and values.

Exceptional strategist analysing product development industry trends to develop long-term strategies and key objectives.


● Utilised strong persuasive skills to source investment from companies totaling £2 million that funded projects since 2006.
● Design work includes development and enhancement of furniture and consumer products currently featured in numerous well known creative design magazines and websites, such as Maison Francaise, Coroflot, DeZona and Dexigner.
● Successfully designed wearable tracking device: Apga in 2010; Project was accepted by Turkish corporation Aselsan, a producer of tactical military defense electronic systems for the Turkish Armed Forces.